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One of the best ways to get a feel for the Society is to read one or two of our newsletters. They reflect our interest in the wide variety of things that affect our town and civil parish. We try to publish around three 4-8 page newsletters each year. Unfortunately the lockdowns and concerns during the COVID pandemic meant that no newsletters were published in 2020-2022 because we relied on a group of individual members to distribute the hard-copy newsletters and didn't want to expose them to any danger. We did however produce a 12 page VE Day booklet in May and a 12 page VJ Day booklet in August 2020. These are downloadable digitally from this website.

The Society is currently determining which of a variety of approaches might replace the hard-copy newsletters - social media and digital communication advanced swiftly during the pandemic and the Society needs to keep pace with the times!


Please feel free to download any of the following newsletter pdfs and, if you like what you see, why not become a member.

Winter 2019 (12 pages)

Winter 2018-19 (8 pages)

Autumn 2018 (8 pages)           


Spring 2018 (8 pages)


Autumn/Winter 2017 (8 pages)


Summer 2017 (8 pages)


Winter 2016-17 (8 pages)


Summer 2016 (8 pages)


Spring 2016 (8 pages)


Winter 2015-16 (8 pages)

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