Sponsorship & Donations

Since the Society’s formation, we have sponsored activities, donated money or raised money for many worthwhile causes that we believe further the objectives in our Constitution. We have also acted to raise significant sums of money to assist in the acquisition of such important amenities as the Moors (a site of Special Scientific Interest), as well as Claylands and Dundridge Nature Reserves. We also worked with the Woodland Trust to help it acquire the ancient woodland at Runnydown Copse on Dundridge Lane.


If you believe that all such causes are worthwhile, then do consider becoming a member – it’s really easy.

If you’d like to make a voluntary donation of any size please do so:

By Paypal

by cash or cheque, payable to the Bishop’s Waltham Society, and send to Keith Fry, Treasurer BWS, Gable Cottage, Coppice Hill, Bishop’s Waltham, SO32 1AG; or


by direct payment from your bank to ours: account name Bishop’s Waltham Society, sort code 30:90:85, account number 00135279

More recent sponsorships and donations that we have made include:


  • In 2015, working with English Heritage we funded 1,000 copies of a new all-colour ‘Guide to the Palace’ at a cost of £2,000. See Our Publications.


  • In 2016, we donated £1,000 to the ‘permanent water’ project initiated by the North Pond Conservation Group.


  • In 2017 we sponsored the wildflower bed at the Hoe Road roundabout (as well as our annual sponsored bed on the Winchester Road).

Hoe Road roundabout 2017

  • In 2018 we sponsored the wildflower beds at both Hoe Road and Tangier Lane, as well as the Children’s Hanging Basket Competition (in Red Lion Street), all run by Bishop’s Waltham in Bloom (£350). We also sponsored a day’s training for Citizens Advice volunteers on how to help people who are being moved onto Universal Credit within the parish (£360). And in November, having discovered that 30 families a week were accessing it in the run-up to Christmas, we donated £150 to the Meon Valley Food Bank that operates from Bishop’s Waltham Youth Club hut.

Children’s Hanging Baskets in Red Lion Street 2018

Are you looking for sponsorship or a donation?

If you are looking for sponsorship or a donation to a specific project that you believe is in line with the Society’s objectives (see Our Constitution) then, in the first instance, please contact our Treasurer, Keith Fry, or our Chairman, Tony Kippenberger through info@bishopswalthamsociety.org.uk


The board reserve the right to decline opportunities without going into detailed reasoning. The board's decision is final.